• The Marthinus Academy

    The Marthinus Academy is a Jakarta-based not-for-profit center that focuses on transnational relations.

    Fetching rock: Rising Islamism and Jokowi's foreign policy in 2018

    South China Sea: Washington waives the rules, China rules the waves


    Select papers on key dynamics and issues shaping Indonesia and its region as seen through an Indonesian perspective. Papers undergo a rigorous process of internal and external peer-review process. Unfinished papers currently being worked on and/or is under review will have a preview that can be accessed through this page.


    Marthinus Academy solicits thought-provoking ideas from Indonesia-based professors, scholars, practitioners and Indonesianists in general on a wide range of topics. Contributions on the theme of secularism, inclusive nationalism, pluralism, equality, tolerance, and rule of law in Indonesia are especially appreciated.


    Expert commentary on current events shaping Indonesia and its region. Our past commentaries have appeared in The China Post, Straits Times, Bangkok Post, Philippinnes Daily Inquirer, Jerusalem Post, Pakistan Observer as well as in various digital outlets, such as The Diplomat, East Asia Forum, and New Mandala.

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    Past Papers and Commentaries